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Athletic Performance and Recovery

A blood test revealed I had lactic acid build up and poor oxygenation of my blood. Within 5 treatments I felt great! (Michelle)

I regularly use this treatment combination when training for mountain bike events. My recovery is faster and I can train harder. (Jacques)

My legs were stiff and sore following a marathon. I walked out of my 1st session comfortably and was able to start training the next day. (Zelda)


There were days that I had such pain it felt I could not cope. Since I have been doing ozone therapy I can feel the symptoms have diminished, I have more energy and feel great. (Marlene)

Breast Cancer

My name is Denise and I was diagnosed with a tumour in the left breast. I was recommended by a friend to go for ozone therapy while I was awaiting treatment. My breast was very sensitive, swollen and bruised after the examinations and this was completely resolved two weeks into the ozone treatment. My energy levels have improved significantly after starting ozone treatment and I feel that without it I cannot cope with my daily routine tasks. I have benefitted from Eileen’s support and this has really built me up and helped me to maintain a positive outlook. In the meantime I have started chemotherapy and this has caused some body aches which are relieved after having the ozone steam sauna.”

Ester had previously had cancerous growths removed from her breast and came for ozone therapy to see what effect it would have on a new lump found in her breast. Pain and sensitivity associated with the lump was reduced during treatment and she reported feeling energized, sleeping well and having a general feeling of wellbeing.

Bloating, Excess Weight, Profuse perspiration

Christine was listless and lacking vitality. She was struggling with constipation, bloating and profuse perspiration. She achieved excellent results in terms of lymph drainage and detoxification. This resolved her constipation, bloating and profuse perspiration.


Kathy is on conventional chemotherapy treatment and is using ozone steam sauna as a support therapy to oxygenate the body tissues and cleanse the body of chemo residues. Excellent detox results are being achieved and she is a picture of health.

Diabetes II & Cancerous Lesions

Mr Marais has Diabetes II and was battling to stabilize his sugar levels which meant that doctors needed to keep increasing the dosage. He also had cancerous skin lesions which were surgically removed however new lumps formed and the area was very painful. He underwent a course of ozone therapy, was introduced a healthier lifestyle, took supplements and underwent cleansing regimes.

“My weight is reducing slowly & I have lost in excess of 20kg. Sugar levels stay below 6.5 and my medication has been decreased. My general health is very good and of the lump and “spots” there are no signs. I feel like a new person.” (Mr. Marais)

Dog Bite

Eduardo was bitten by a dog while jogging on the beach, he came for HOCATT treatment on the same morning and presented with a deep puncture wound on the upper forearm, swelling and redness of the tissues with various deep scratch marks. Following the treatment he applied ozononated olive oil topically. When I saw him two days later, he was delighted to report that the swelling and redness was gone the day after the treatment. I was amazed at how healthy his arm looked even the deep puncture wound had a scab and there were no signs of infection.


I suffered from childhood eczema and was in bed and in bandages for two months. I also lost all my hair. I went on a cleansing diet, took supporting supplements and did ozone therapy. Over time my skin healed, my hair grew back and I am currently doing very well. (Luzanne)


My name is Vicky and I want to stand on the top of Table mountain and shout to the world that I have discovered answers for my medical problems… problems, I am sure so many other people suffer from on a daily basis! I choose Table Mountain specifically, because it was formally inaugurated as one of the world’s seven wonders and Hocatt treatments fall into thát category! I have endured fifteen years of hell living with Fibromyalgia. Apart from the pain, there is the downward spiral of your happy outlook on life, because of sleep deprivation, loss of energy, etc. I have spent thousands seeking an answers from various medical doctors, however each visit ended with scripts for pain killers and sleeping tablets. There seemed no light at the end of the tunnel and then just to top it all, I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2010. Being desperate for answers, I once again put my ‘Google’ glasses on and searched for cures… only this time it was more intense! I had completed seven months of chemo, five weeks daily radiation, bilateral mastectomy and lymphadenectomy. Once I started reading about the scientific solution the HOCATT (combining O3 and CO2) offers, there was no stopping me. What a pleasant surprise my first visit was… The beautiful design made me feel like a queen entering a special chamber and once the treatment started, it was a luxurious feeling of relaxed muscles like I have never experienced before!!! Breathing high quality oxygen whilst relaxing, brings a new dimension to the term ‘spa-treatment’. One of my honest thoughts during the first treatment was what if this is also just an ‘out-of-pocket’ experience, just more exotic? At this stage my energy levels were depleted, because not only was fibromyalgia back with razor sharp edges, but the after effects of a double mastectomy and removal of lymph-nodes, caused my arms to swell due to lymphedema. After a couple of sessions, I slowly began to feel cautiously optimistic… The most important difference I noticed first was a pain-free body!!! I was so scared that it might only be a dream and waking up will dump me back into that pool of pain … but other benefits soon followed… My energy was returning and I slept like a baby. For the average person these pointers might not mean much, but trust me, for anybody with pain, being deprived from a good nights sleep and feeling fatigued most of the time, this is an almost out-of-body experience! I have forgotten how it is to feel ‘whole’ again…the following now form part of my daily life at present:
• Pain free body… can I write this all in capital letter please? • Energy levels much, much better… a plus for Hubby
• Extremely good sleeping pattern, which makes any glass half-full! • Swelling down and lost weight!
It is my prayer that this testimonial may be the golden key that unlocks your door to a healthier, happier human being.”

Maria was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 15 years ago. Her symptoms included severe muscle pain and fatigue which also lead to depression. Her holistic practitioner referred her for ozone therapy.

“Die afgelope maande het ek meer krag, my pyn is beter en ek het a.g.v. bogenoemde ‘n positiewer uitkyk op die lewe. Dit is fantasties om nie meer 80% van Saterdag en Sondag in die bed deur te bring maar by vriende en familie te spandeer.” (Maria)

Herpes Virus, fatigue and water retention

?Debbie lost 5.7kg in excess weight due to water retention within the first 6 sessions. Her energy levels increased dramatically and she reported an improvement in her sleep patterns. There has been no recurrence of the virus and she says she has a glow to her skin!

Lower Back Pain

Mrs de Klerk had broken her lower vertebra in an accident and had undergone 2 back operations. She came for ozone treatments to alleviate inflammation and pain in her lower back. The pain was significantly reduced and inflammation in the soft tissues had disappeared. She also reported a pleasant relief from congested sinuses.

Medication Withdrawal

Mandy was referred to my practice by her doctor as she was suffering with withdrawal symptoms following her being taken off anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. She experienced an immediate relief and felt more relaxed and rejuvenated.
Painful varicose veins, Inflammation and joint pain

Stephanie experienced typical detox symptoms the first three days of treatment. On day five she reported an unexpected but pleasant surprise that she had shed 3kg. On day eight the pain was gone and she had lots of energy.

High Blood Pressure, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Excess Weight

Lynette could not get through the day without a lunch time power nap. Within the first week of treatment she felt totally rejuvenated and had a new surge of energy. Her hot flushes and shakes were something of the past. She reported sleeping well and feeling more relaxed. She lost centimeters and felt more comfortable in her clothes. Lynette will need to monitor her emotional energy levels as these negatively affect her fibromyalgia.

Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

Samantha suffers from the above condition and is cortisone dependent. She is taking a range of supplements and following a natural diet to eliminate toxins and restore balance to her body. After the first week of ozone treatment she only required half of the usual dosage of cortisone without any negative effects. After the first cycle of treatment, she was receiving compliments on her glowing complexion and weight loss. During the treatments she has consistently felt healthier and more confident as colleagues and friends started to notice positive changes. Samantha is coming off cortisone under a holistic medical practitioner’s supervision.

Painful varicose veins, Inflammation in joints and joint pain

Stephanie experienced typical detox symptoms the first three days of treatment. On day five she reported an unexpected but pleasant surprise that she had shed 3kg. On day eight the pain was gone and she had lots of energy.

Poor circulation

Marley suffers from poor circulation and insomnia prior to coming for a general detox treatment. She reported feeling more relaxed and refreshed and that there was a significant improvement in her sleep patterns.

Fatigue & Weight loss

Eunice lost centimeters while on the treatment programme and reported an improvement in sleep patterns. Her sense of wellbeing improved and she had more energy to face the day.

Detox & Water retention

Marcelle was delighted with the results. She lost centimeters due to the lymph drainage effect and her heightened energy levels, helped her get back into her exercise regime.

General Detox

Ilza experienced detox symptoms during the first few days of treatment, however this dissipated and she reported feeling good during the day, sleeping well, feeling lighter and with an improved sense of wellbeing.

Wound Treatments with ozone

Chronic infections are bound to occur when, leucocytes are no longer in a position to destroy bacteria, i.e. when no H2O2 or too little of it is formed.

It is at this point that the positive influence of the peroxides formed during ozone treatment at once becomes understandable. (Urban et al., 1995)

The second effect of hydrogen peroxide is that it provides single oxygen, which in turn, transforms biological waste products and toxins into inert substances by oxidizing them making them easy to be excreted by the liver and kidneys. (Baggs, 1993)