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OZONE WELLNESS was established with the goal to:

Restore health and hope to people plagued by modern day stress and health problems

Educate and empower people who are seeking a natural way towards a healthier, happier life

Offer specialized detoxification methods which promote wellbeing and vitality while managing the impact of lifestyle and environmental stressors on the mind, body and spirit

My passion for this approach is driven by personal experience after recovering from ill health by following the natural route. I firmly believe that toxic medication and invasive treatments are not the answer and that the body is designed to heal itself given the right protocol. Our objective is to find out what the body needs for this healing to take place and then to diligently implement such protocol.

Your quest towards health may require several aspects related to addressing nutritional deficiencies, organ cleansing, immune support or even resolving emotional distress.

I integrate the use of ozone, EM frequency, nutritional and touch therapies as well as Live Blood Analysis, Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) and TRE® to facilitate healing and provide insights into this process.

I am a registered member of the Ozone Association of Southern Africa and operate as part of a network of complimentary health practitioners in Somerset West. I trained under Prof Nabil Mawsouf, Dr Okker Botha, Dr Melanie Salmon & Dr Neil Nedley and constantly research the field of natural health exchanging knowledge with leading practitioners throughout South Africa and globally to ensure that I keep abreast of the latest developments and research in my field.

I look forward to partnering with you on your quest for health!